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Enhance the driving pleasure of your Land Rover with a sixth gear (overdrive) for relaxed long distance cruising and increased fuel economy.


Auto Transmissions Ltd has recently launched the first ever specifically designed overdrive for the Land Rover Defender and Discovery.

The idea of an overdrive as an extra gear is not new, but since the advent of five speed gearboxes they have fallen out of fashion. We are overturning this thinking by fitting an extra gear to a five speed box. giving a sixth cruising gear and a splitter box for third and fourth.

The benefits of this are numerous: Primarily a fuel saving of better than 15% will give a substantial cash saving, making it possible to pay for an overdrive in less than two years. The reduced engine revs. mean the engine wears out more slowly. The reduced engine noise means that the driver wears out more slowly, and the electronic "Hot shift" push button operation makes changing gear quick and srnooth.

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